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Review-Vane Type Magneto-rehological Damper  CNKI文献

Very less research is conducted on limited angle Magnetorheological(MR) damper compare to continuous angle Magnetorheological dampers. Despite of fact that limited angle MR damper cannot rotate conti...

Allah Rakhio Dong Xiamin... Proceedings of 2017 IEEE 3rd Information Technology and... 2017-10-03 国际会议

关键词: Vane / type / MR / dampers

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Whilst security budgets in the private sector have been fairly static, the public sector is being forced to scrutinize any spending. Migrating services to public or private cloud infrastructure not o...

Géry Ducatel Joshua Daniel... Proceedings of 2016 4th IEEE International Conference o... 2016-08-17 国际会议

关键词: cloud / security / service / distribution

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Interplay between Zn,Pb and Cd metals for their uptake...  CNKI文献

Heavy metals toxicity has become a major threat to the environmental, plants, animals and human. The persistent nature of Lead(Pb) and Cadmium(Cd) in the environment lead to the accumulation of metal...

Sarfraz Shafiq Asim Ali... Proceedings of 2017 International Conference on Agricul... 2017-10-25 国际会议

关键词: DNA / methylation / Histone / deacetylases

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Hydrometallurgical leaching and kinetic modeling of lo...  CNKI文献

Manganese was leached from a low-grade manganese ore(LGMO) using banana peel as the reductant in a dilute sulfuric acid medium. The effects of banana peel amount, H_2SO_4 concentration, reaction temp...

Sajjad Ali Yaseen Iqbal... 《International Journal of Minerals Metallurgy and Materi...》 2021年02期 期刊

关键词: low-grade / manganese / ore / glucose

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Organic Geochemical Characteristics and Paleo-Environm...  CNKI文献

Phosphorite organic-rich sediments from Weng’an Doushantuo Formation preserves earliest animals and multicellular life,though it has been investigated by many researchers but in terms of biomarker a...

Sajjad Ali 导师:Wang Guang Li 中国石油大学(北京) 2019-05-01 硕士论文

关键词: Organic / geochemistry / Biomarker / Paleo-environment

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含非平稳干扰的模型辨识及其在模型预测控制中的应用  CNKI文献


Haider Sajjad Ali 导师:丁宝苍 重庆大学 2014-06-01 博士论文

关键词: 模型辨识 / 模型预测控制 / 扰动估计 / 最小二乘

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认知无线电中基于特征值的频谱感知算法研究  CNKI文献


Syed Sajjad Ali 导师:Minglu Jin 大连理工大学 2020-03-01 博士论文

关键词: 认知无线电 / 频谱感知 / 特征值检测 / 加权算法

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无线通信系统中导频污染消除和峰均比抑制方法研究  CNKI文献


Sajjad Ali Memon 导师:Fuliang YIN 大连理工大学 2017-03-09 博士论文

关键词: 大规模MIMO / 导频污染 / 前向链路可达速率 / 线性预编码

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Effects of dietary garlic on cholesterol and triglycer...  CNKI文献

Introduction In recent years,many studies have described the hypocholesterolemic effect of garlic in humans, broilers,and Leghorn pullets.The current study was conducted to evaluate the potential for...

Ramezan A.Jafari Ali Shahryari... Abstract Book of the 15th World Veterinary Poultry Cong... 2007-09-01 国际会议

关键词: Effects / of / dietary / garlic

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二化螟气味结合蛋白和化感蛋白基因的组织表达谱及功能研究  CNKI文献


Sajjad Ali Khuhro 导师:Shuang-Lin Dong 南京农业大学 2017-11-28 博士论文

关键词: 二化螟 / 触角电位反应 / 气味结合蛋白 / 化学感受蛋白

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基于空间谱的多天线盲频谱感知算法  CNKI文献

现有的频谱感知算法主要在时间、频率以及地理空间维度进行检测,对角度维的利用尚不成熟。将多天线技术中的到达角(AOA,angle of arrival)估计算法应用到频谱感知领域,提出了2种基于空间谱的盲频谱感知算法,分别为最大...

刘畅 Syed Sajjad Ali... 《通信学报》 2015年04期 期刊

关键词: 频谱感知 / AOA估计 / 空间谱 / 空域匹配滤波

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Correlation of p53 over-expression and alteration in p...  CNKI文献

AIM:To study the alterations in p53 gene among Indian gastric cancer patients and to correlate them with the various clinicopathological parameters. METHODS:A total of 103 gastric cancer patients wer...

Sajjad Karim Arif Ali 《World Journal of Gastroenterology》 2009年11期 期刊

关键词: Gastric / cancer / p53 / Single

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Sungun copper mine is the second largest open pit mine of Iran located in North West mountainous region of the country.The Sungun ore body is a copper porphyry deposit and the mine is designed to pro...

ALI MORTAZAVI ALI FALLAHPOUR... The Proceedings of the Third International Conference o... 2009-05-24 国际会议


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超稳低汞催化剂的稳定机理:炭表面含氧基团及缺陷协同作用实...  CNKI文献

聚氯乙烯(PVC)作为五大工程塑料之首在材料领域应用广泛.2017年,中国PVC产能逾2600万吨,占世界总产量的70%以上, PVC产业是我国重要支柱产业之一.基于中国富煤少气缺油的能源格局, PVC产量的90%以上都是基于煤化工的乙...

李健 范江涛... 《催化学报》 2019年02期 期刊

关键词: 汞催化剂 / 热稳定性 / 缺陷 / 含氧官能团

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药用植物内生菌对作物生长及氧化应激的作用(英文)  CNKI文献

目的:探讨药用植物内生菌的多样性及其在种子生长和氧化应激中的作用。方法:从三种药用植物(Caralluma acutangula、Rhazya stricta和Moringa peregrina)中提取内生菌;基于18S r DNA测序和系统发育分析鉴定分离得到的...

Abdul Latif KHAN Syed Abdullah GILANI... 《Journal of Zhejiang University-Science B(Biomedicine & ...》 2017年02期 期刊

关键词: 真菌内生菌 / 多样性 / 药用植物 / 抗氧化剂

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Investigation of Water and Energy Productivity for Pot...  CNKI文献

In this study the energy consumption for potato production under canal and pump irrigation system conditions were investigated.Also energy and water indices were analyzed to better understand the mai...

Ali Mohammai Shahin Rafiee... 2010国际农业工程大会亚洲论坛分会场论文集 2010-09-18 国际会议

关键词: Energy / productivity / Pump / irrigation

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Muscarinic cholinergic receptors mediate the effects o...  CNKI文献

Introduction: Crocin is as one of the ingredients of saffron, and its administration can decrease thermal hyperalgesia in the chronic constriction injury(CCI) model of neuropathic pain in the rat. Gi...

Hossein Ali Safakhah Simin Jafari... 第六届亚太神经科学联合会学术会议暨中国神经科学学会第十一... 2015-09-20 国际会议

关键词: CCI / Crocin / Atropine / thermal

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Reduction of Multiplications in Convolutional Neural N...  CNKI文献

Convolution neural network(CNN) widely used for the application of computer vision, such applications would be beneficial for CNN if their workload could be reduced. In this paper, we evaluate CNN...

Munawar Ali Baoqun Yin... 第三十九届中国控制会议论文集(7) 2020-07-27 中国会议

关键词: Matrix / Multiplication / Convolutional / Neural

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基于加权MUSIC的盲空间频谱感知算法  CNKI文献

目前已存在的频谱感知算法只开发了时间、频率和地理维度,而角度维频谱资源的探索,即空间频谱感知尚不成熟。在本论文中,我们将多重信号分类(Multiple Signal Classification,MUSIC)这一到达角(Angle Of Arrival,AOA)...

刘家龙 刘畅... 《信号处理》 2017年S1期 期刊

关键词: 认知无线电 / 空间频谱感知 / 到达角 / 盲检测

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The Effects of Empowerment, Training, and Teamwork on ...  CNKI文献

Human resources are an important source of growth for organizations. To ensure optimal utilization of human resources, it is vital to align the abilities, knowledge, and skills of the employees with ...

Amjad Ali Huang JianPing... Proceedings of 1st International Conference on Educatio... 2017-05-29 国际会议

关键词: Human / resources / Employee / empowerment

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